A guided meditation by Osho

Towards the end of Osho’s life the many thousands of meditators living around him would gather each evening to  dance and sit together with Osho. And every evening he  conducted a guided meditation like this. So it is somehow the distilled essence of Osho’s message.

Beforehand there would be  a few minutes of no-mind or “gibberish” meditation – essentially, talking nonsense, speaking out loud “in any language you don’t speak”, to give expression to the madness of the mind. That leaves more room for silence to arise. ( www.osho.com/meditation/osho-active-meditations/osho-gibberish-meditation  ) Afterwards there would be wild music to dance to.

Please note, that when he refers to “the buddha”, that is not Gautam Buddha the person – it is simply a poetic expression for the enlightened nature within each one of us.    Read this as if Osho says “your enlightened nature.”

Be silent …

Close your eyes … and feel your body to be completely frozen.

This is the right moment to look inwards.

Gather all your life energy, your total consciousness, and with an urgency as if this is going to be your last moment of life — only with such urgency you can rush towards your being, towards your very center.

Faster and faster …

As you come closer to your center, a great silence descends over you. Fountains of peace spring within you. Suddenly a great ecstasy possesses you.

This is the moment you are the buddha, the awakened one.

At the very center of your being, the buddha has been hiding since eternity. You have never looked inwards. Otherwise, you have there all the treasures of the world, you have all that existence can offer you.

The buddha is nothing but a door into eternity, into godliness, into the divine existence.

The only quality the buddha has, has to be remembered: it is witnessing.

Just witness … the body is not you.

Witness … the mind is not you.

Witness … the astral, the other bodies, the subtle body, are not you.

These are all just layers upon you. Hidden behind all these layers is your real being. That being is a pure witness, a watcher on the hill.

Buddha knows no other quality. He consists only of pure witnessing.

Witness all the experiences that will be happening at the center of your being: the serenity, the calmness, a very cool breeze passing through you, an unknown fragrance filling your being, a blessing that you have never known, a benediction that you can share with the whole world and it will be inexhaustible.

Witness: this moment you are the most fortunate people on the earth, because everybody is looking out, and you are looking in.

Everybody is looking at things, you are looking at godliness, your very subjectivity.

Everybody is concerned about trivia, you are concerned with the essential core of existence.

Collect as much as you can … the flowers, the fragrance, but remain a witness.