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Real communication happens in silence. Osho.

This site is a point of references and connection for anyone in the Bristol area interested in Osho’s extraordinary work.

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OSHO® is a registered Trademark of Osho International Foundation (“OIF”). This reflects Osho’s later planning, despite anything he may or may not have said in the 1960s. It has not been invented after his death. With Osho nothing, whatever, is what you expect. It’s a reasonable guess that Osho’s motives include to protect his work from the distortions and misunderstandings of the un-enlightened mind.

Witness the objects of the mind.
Patanjali [the founder of yoga] calls it dhyana, meditation — from the same word come zen and CH’AN. Witness the objects, the contents, of the mind. Whatsoever passes before you, watch it, without evaluating, judging or condemning. Don’t be for or against, just watch, and dhyana, meditation, is created.
And the second is, witness the witness itself — and samadhi is created, satori is created, the ultimate ecstasy is created. The first leads to the second. Start watching your thoughts but don’t stop there. When thoughts have disappeared then don’t think that you have arrived. One more thing has to be done, one more step. Now watch the watcher. Now just witness the witnessing. Nothing else is left, only you are. Just suddenly become aware of awareness itself, and then dhyana is transformed into samadhi. By watching the mind, the mind disappears. By watching the witness, the witness expands and becomes universal.